CBD neck pain relief

Does CBD Help with Pain Relief?

Chronic pain affects more than two fifths of the UK population, meaning that around 28 million adults are living with pain lasting for three months or longer. In the modern world a lot of sit down working at our desks all day and a lot of this stress is held up as pain in the lower back. Even more active people experience pain from overworking their knees, muscles, and joints. People are now turning to CBD, a natural, non-intoxicating, legal compound extracted from hemp plants to ease their pain.

Does CBD help Control Pain?

This process involves a biological system in our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS.  The ECS is a biological system like many others in your body such as your immune or cardiovascular system. The ECS helps your body maintain hormone balance and the regulation of many internal processes like pain sensation, emotion, and your levels of stress. Therefore, there are many wellbeing claims relating to CBD as it directly connects with multiple receptors around your body doing a variety of tasks with each dose.

CBD For Body Pain

There have been many scientific papers written on CBD showing it is highly antioxidant properties, so can have anti-inflammatory effects on joints to reduce all over body pain and stiffness. Working in tandem with this, CBD also shows to have an analgesic effect to reduce your overall pain perception in the brain. These properties show great promise in both directly treating post-surgical treatments by either directly applying CBD muscle balm or cream to the problem area or by taking higher strength oils to reduce pain perception.

From 2011 onwards there have been four studies into the effects of chronic pain relief where scientists found strong indications that Cannabinoids suppress neuropathic and inflammatory pain.  Additionally, a study found that CBD could be used as a substitute for Opioid-based pain medication. Our recommendation is to try CBD products to see if they works for you and what formats best meet your wellness aims.

What CBD Products are Available For Pain Relief? 

Combining oils and creams is perhaps the most effective way of tackling your overall pain perception and localised inflammation. Remember that CBD has two ways to reduce pain within the ECS by reducing inflammation in tandem with its analgesic effect to reduce your overall pain perception in the brain.

Relief CBD Cream

Creams and topical products absorb directly through the skin membrane and are also highly effective at treating localised acute pain. This means that if you are suffering from pain in your lower back for example, the best way to treat it would to be through direct use of a CBD cream into that area. Mission C have created the Relief+ CBD Joint & Muscle Cream, whereby CBD is blended alongside arnica, camphor, and peppermint to help you target specific pain points and recover from injuries quickly.

Relief CBD Oil

CBD oils are a good option to reduce overall pain as the CBD is transmitted through the endocannabinoid receptors all over the body. Mission C have created the Relief+ Oil, whereby CBD is blended alongside black pepper, limonene, and turmeric to relieve pain and inflammation in the body. Our advice would be to always start with lower CBD concentration so you can spread your recommended daily dose of 70mg over a day. You can then work up to the higher concentrated products depending on your pain management needs.

We believe in open, honest, and balanced communication, we tell people everything they need to know about CBD. All information is trusted, vetted, and backed by scientific evidence. If you want to learn more about CBD and have any further questions, please reach out through our contact form on the website or contact@missionc.comAbove all else, we’re human. Our team is made up of real, contactable people who are on hand for anything you might need.


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