Novel foods

Mission C Receives Novel Food Validation

We have exciting news! Mission C has made the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Novel Foods list, it has been announced.  The FSA has compiled a list of validated CBD products ready to progress to the next stage of novel foods authorisation – ensuring the sale of only safe, high-quality, laboratory-tested CBD.

What are Novel Foods? 

Novel foods refer to foods or food ingredients that were not consumed to a significant degree in the UK or EU before May 1997, when the EU Novel Food Regulation was introduced. Some examples of novel foods include:

  • Baobab fruit
  • Chia seeds
  • Guar gum
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • CBD Gummies
  • Phytosterols and phytostanols in cholesterol-reducing spreads

Any food products that are subject to Novel Food Regulation are added to the Novel Food Catalogue.

What is Novel Food Authorisation? 

Since 2018, the European Commission has held responsibility for the authorisation of novel foods. As part of this procedure, scientific risk assessments must be carried out to establish the safety of the product. Once a food is authorised, it is included in the list of novel foods and can be placed on the market in the UK, provided it meets a set of conditions set out by the list.

What Does It Mean For the UK CBD Industry?

In 2019, the novel food status of cannabidiol (CBD) was announced. This meant that brands already selling products within the growing CBD UK industry had to apply for authorisation of CBD extracts and isolates, to bring the market into compliance. Those that have passed the authorisation stage have been added to the list of CBD products linked to novel food applications.

The next stage requires evidence of scientific risk assessment to ensure product safety and quality, which, if passed, results in the full authorisation of the CBD product. If a product does not make sufficient progress towards authorisation, the FSA is advising that it should be removed from sale.

We Have Been Added to the List! What Does This Mean?

Until now, it has been difficult for consumers to have confidence in the safety and quality of their CBD products, but Novel Food Regulation has changed this. The FSA list of CBD products will provide reassurance for consumers that they are purchasing high-quality products that they can trust.

It’s no surprise, of course, that Mission C has made the list! But if you had any doubts at all, you are now reassured that Mission C CBD is on the road to UK regulatory approval alongside just 80 businesses in the market (out of over 800 CBD brands).

Safe, Legal, Premium Quality CBD 

At Mission C, your safety is paramount. We use only the finest quality ingredients that are rigorously lab-tested and comply with current UK safety regulations. Our CBD products are also completely THC free. Whichever product you choose from Mission C’s sports, wellness or skincare range, you are assured of 100% quality and safety. And now that we’re on the road to full novel foods authorisation, we are super excited to continue bringing you the best quality CBD-infused products for many years ahead.


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