CBD Christmas Gift Guide: The Best CBD Gifts for Everyone on Your List

CBD Christmas Gift Guide: The Best CBD Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Are you hoping to give your loved one a truly unique gift this Christmas? Look no further - we've got all you need. In this guide, we'll discuss some of our best CBD gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list. From CBD oils and luxurious topicals to tasty CBD edibles and fragrant bath bombs, we have you covered from surprise stocking fillers to 'wow' factor gifts.

So, whether you’re looking for a present for a friend or family member (or perhaps you want to treat yourself this holiday season), check out our ultimate CBD Christmas gift guide.

Why CBD Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

For the wellness-obsessed person in your life, CBD gifts can be a great way to show that you value them as much as they value daily self-care. But CBD also makes a superb gift for everyone else; the stressed spouse, the committed gym-goer, the sleep-deprived friend, and the Mum coveting a dewy complexion. CBD products can help with relaxation, stress relief, skincare and pain management - which are all important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, CBD is a truly unique gift. It has never been more popular and there are many different options available which are ideal for those who haven’t yet tried CBD to the cannabidiol connoisseurs. So why not give the gift of wellbeing this Christmas season?

cbd christmas gift

CBD Stocking Fillers

Spoil your loved ones with something special this holiday season. Uplift the mood with a smooth CBD oil or give the gift of zen with a scented, soothing CBD bath bomb. These individual CBD gifts come in sizes perfect for stockings or Secret Santa presents.

For a Blissful Home Spa: Lavender + CBD Bath Bomb

An intensely relaxing CBD bath bomb infused with natural Lavender, Epsom Salts and Rosehip to clear the mind and calm the body. This luxurious, fragrant bath bomb is the perfect tub treat for anyone needing to unwind after a hectic day. Slip into a Christmas stocking or combine it with a selection of CBD goodies for the ideal self-care treat. 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Give the Gift of Peaceful Sleep: Night + CBD Oil

A must for the bedside table, this powerfully relaxing overnight CBD oil infused with natural Passionflower, Chamomile & Myrcene is sure to be a welcome addition to a loved one’s night-time routine. Whether a stocking filler, a Secret Santa wrap-up or part of a carefully curated wellness gift set, the lucky recipient can look forward to deeper, healthier, natural sleep, night after night. 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Shop Night + CBD Oil - from £34.99

The Gift of Relaxed Muscles: CBD Cooling Muscle Balm

Who doesn’t love a massage? Give your loved ones the gift of deep muscle relaxation with this soothing jar of CBD cooling balm. Menthol, peppermint and 1000mg CBD awaken the senses while reducing inflammation and easing niggling aches and pains. Whoever this gift is for will be bounding into the new year thanks to this potent, recuperating balm. 

Shop CBD Cooling Muscle Balm - £34.99

CBD Starter Packs

Have a loved one who would love to try CBD but is unsure where to start? Or perhaps you’re searching for the ideal Christmas wrap-up for the CBD enthusiast in your life. Either way, our carefully curated CBD bundles offer something a little different with significant savings compared to if you bought each product separately.

The Gift of Mindfulness: CBD Day Bundle

Enhance their daily wellness with a revitalising CBD bundle designed for daytime use.  Day + CBD Oil energises and balances, relieving anxiety and boosting focus. Tasty CBD gummies are the perfect everyday top-up, supporting the immune system and enhancing gut health with an array of vitamins, minerals and CBD.

CBD Day bundle

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The Thoughtful Gift Set: CBD Relief Bundle

CBD Relief Bundle is available with 5%, 10% or 20% Relief CBD Oil plus a soothing CBD Joint & Muscle Cream. Help them relieve inflammation and painful muscles and joints, so they can get back to enjoying the festivities!

Relief CBD bundle

Shop Relief + CBD Gift Set - from £59.99

The Gift of Hydrated Skin: Dry Skin Bundle

Is there a greater gift than deeply hydrated, radiant skin? Battle winter skin dryness with our luxurious Dry Skin Bundle, consisting of Vitamin E CBD Facial Oil which provides nourishment, moisture and radiance, plus Antioxidant CBD Moisturiser, a calming, high-strength day cream expertly formulated with natural Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Lavender to soothe and protect the complexion from harmful free radicals. Treat and rejuvenate dry skin on the body with a luxurious Lavender + CBD Bath Bomb for intense hydration, and ensure your make-up is fully removed with super soft and washable bamboo make-up remover pads. An exquisite wrap-up for any skincare enthusiast.

Dry skin bundle

Luxury CBD Gifts

If you’re looking to truly spoil a loved one, our luxury CBD sets - which are lovingly packed with an abundance of premium CBD goodies - make an unrivalled gift.

The Ultimate Wellbeing Gift: Mind & Body CBD Gift Set      

Tick ALL the boxes and help them feel their best yet with the ultimate Mind & Body CBD Gift Set. Consisting of Day Oil, Night Oil, Relief Oil, CBD Joint & Muscle Cream, Immune Enhance 10% Oil, CBD Gummies and a Mission C Eco Water Bottle, this supreme wellbeing gift set delivers peaceful nights and harmonious days. The ideal present for the wellness enthusiast or CBD lover in your life.

Mind & Body gift set

Shop Mind & Body Gift Set - £172.49

The Gift of Glowing Skin: CBD Skincare Gift Set

Brighten up their Christmas and their complexion with a luxurious CBD gift set. Mission C CBD skincare products harness the powers of CBD and are infused with an abundance of naturally occurring, hydrating and soothing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C. Skincare + CBD gift set includes Vitamin E Oil, Hyaluronic Acid CBD Serum, Antioxidant Moisturiser and our bestselling Retinol + CBD (1000mg) Moisturiser. Enjoy a relaxing soak (and achieve ultimate beauty sleep goals!) with Lavender CBD Bath Bomb, and ensure your skin is make up free with our reusable bamboo make-up remover pads. Treat them to a touch of luxury with our premium CBD-infused skincare bundle which makes a flawless main Christmas gift.

CBD Skincare set

For the Fitness Fanatic: CBD Sports Gift Set

Receive a glowing review of your gift-giving skills from the sportsperson in your life this festive season! Our Sports + CBD Gift Set contains all they need for ultimate athletic performance and recovery aid. Treat them to Pre-Workout CBD Oil for peak performance and Post-Workout Oil for optimal recuperation and sleep. Pre-Workout Heating Balm prepares and energises the muscles for working out and reduces the risk of injury, while Post-Workout Cooling Balm eases aches and stiffness so that they can soon get back to the gym. Add in a Protein Shaker Bottle (PP, BPA and DEHP free), because no workout is complete without protein-rich nutrition! 

CBD Sports Gift set


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