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6 Signs Your CBD is Working

If you're like most people who first try CBD oil, you're probably wondering if the hemp-derived supplement is actually working for you. How can you tell? It's not always easy to say, especially as CBD is known for its subtle, gradual effects. Furthermore, every person experiences the benefits of CBD oil differently, and some don’t even realise that it is working. When this happens, it's often because the user doesn’t know what to look out for, but there are a few signs that can give you a good indication on whether or not CBD is doing its job. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common telltale signs that your CBD product is working!


Telltale Signs You're Feeling the Effects of CBD

Some people expect to feel effects similar to those brought on by THC (the cannabinoid found in marijuana) when they first try CBD, but unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and typically carries no side effects.  A legal CBD product in the UK will contain less than 0.2% THC, so you won't experience any mind-altering effects. Here are signs to look out for that indicate your CBD is having an effect: 

1.     You have been sleeping better. 

Perhaps you’ve been dozing off more quickly or waking up feeling refreshed and confident that you’ve enjoyed a restful sleep. Your sleep tracker might even show that you’re consistently hitting your deep sleep and REM sleep targets, night after night. Sleep is crucial for good health and overall wellbeing, yet so many people struggle to get a good night's rest. Insomnia can lead to fatigue, irritability and anxiety – not exactly ideal conditions for living your best life. CBD has been shown to help improve sleep quality in those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome (RLS) or sleep apnoea. One of the biggest telltale signs that your CBD is working is a noticeable improvement in the quality and quantity of your sleep. If you find yourself sleeping better at night, this could be an indicator that your CBD product is doing its job!

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2.     Your mind is calmer and you are less anxious. 

If you suffer from anxiety, then you probably already know that CBD can be a great aid in reducing your feelings of stress and worry. One of the major signs that CBD is working to help calm your mind is if you feel less anxious or stressed out than usual. This may take some time - it can take anywhere from several days to several weeks for CBD to fully take effect and provide relief from anxiety. But if you notice that your mind seems more relaxed and you can tackle daily tasks without becoming overwhelmed, it could be because your CBD is working!

3.     Muscle tension is reduced and your body feels more relaxed. 

Another great sign that your CBD is working is if you experience a reduction in muscle pain and tension. This can be an extremely beneficial side effect since chronic muscle pain can be very debilitating and make it difficult to complete everyday tasks. Even without chronic pain, ongoing daily stresses can put our bodies into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode, meaning our stress hormones are elevated, our muscles feel tense and we can find it very difficult to truly relax. When CBD enters the body and interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (our cell-signalling network that regulates our stress response, as well as sleep, mood, pain and more), it helps to balance the stress hormones and bring the body back to a more relaxed state. 

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If you've been feeling more relaxed in general - without any additional help from other medications or therapies - then this may be a sign that your CBD is working.

4.     You have more energy. 

Another major sign that your CBD is working is if you have more energy than usual. Many people who take CBD say that they feel more energised and less lethargic when using it. You might think is contradictory to the claims that CBD promotes better sleep, but experts believe the combination of more restorative sleep, an improved sleep-wake cycle and less stress and anxiety each contribute to greater energy levels. CBD can also help improve your focus and concentration levels, which in turn allows you to be productive throughout the day. 

5.     You notice you have improved clarity of mind.

Along with reducing feelings of anxiety and worry, CBD can also help to increase your clarity of mind. If you're working on a big project at work, for example, or need to concentrate on something that requires deep thought, then CBD may be able to help provide the focus and concentration you need. It’s well-known that a cluttered mind is not conducive to thinking clearly. But with the help of CBD in reducing anxiety and improving the stress response, it can help people to think with more clarity and potentially complete tasks to a better standard. In fact, many people report that using CBD has helped them to think more clearly than ever before and to be more productive as a result.

6.     Your breakouts are diminishing. 

Did you know that CBD's calming properties are also beneficial for your skin? This is especially true when using topical products with CBD, such as serums or moisturisers. While research is in the early stages, CBD has shown potential in decreasing excess sebum production, which reduces the chances of your pores becoming clogged (this is the cause of acne flare-ups). By balancing your skin’s sebum flow, calming redness and soothing dry skin, CBD could be just the ticket for stressed-out skin, and if you're noticing that your breakouts are less frequent than usual or even disappearing entirely, it could be because of the addition of CBD to your skincare routine.


The Takeaway 

Whatever the reason may be that you're using CBD, if you’re noticing improvements in your sleep, energy levels, skin, productivity and your body’s ability to relax, your efforts in ensuring a regular CBD intake are likely paying dividends.


The world is rapidly waking up to the power of CBD. With millions of people now using CBD it’s more important than ever to share our experiences. Looking at our most popular products is a great way to get an insight into the essentials people are adopting as part of their daily routines.