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Can CBD Really Boost Focus and Productivity?

Do you often feel like you can't focus or that your productivity is hampered by stress and anxiety? It's an issue for many of us as we battle the daily challenges presented to us by a demanding, fast-paced and technology-driven society. But CBD oil may just be the answer to your problem. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis plants that has been shown to improve sleep, reduce stress and lessen pain and inflammation. An increasing number of people are also turning to CBD in the hope that it will help them achieve better concentration and focus. In this article, we will discuss how cannabidiol may help boost your motivation and productivity. We will also provide tips on how to improve your productivity habits in general.

Does CBD Help with Productivity? 

Many of us associate CBD with relaxation and sleep, so it might be the last supplement you’d consider turning to as a motivational tool. But by helping you relax, CBD can actually help to generate a healthier environment that is conducive to getting things done.

Here’s how CBD can boost focus and productivity:

  • It lowers stress.

Think back to a time when you needed to get many things done within a short space of time, but the overwhelm left you stressed and unproductive. Perhaps you had a tight work deadline, a child’s birthday party to organise, an endless to-do list… and to top it off, the boiler just broke. When life doesn’t seem to go to plan and we feel overwhelmed, we have a hormone spike – it sends us into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode – which is tough on our physical and mental health.  Furthermore, technology may offer a tempting route for escapism – a mindless scroll through social media, or an hour of your favourite TV show – but this can add fuel to the fire.

Unfortunately, chronic stress is more commonplace than ever. The Workplace Health report in 2022 found that 33% of employees in the UK report moderate-to-high or high stress levels. Being in this state of ‘fight-or-flight’ doesn’t allow for much mental clarity and efficiency. When you’re anxious and overthinking, it can be difficult to think straight and approach tasks with precision, but CBD helps to lower stress and bring balance, calmness and the clarity of mind that we need to maximise our productivity. 

  • CBD boosts mood.

CBD is also a natural mood enhancer. Low levels of serotonin are linked with mood disorders such as depression. Experts believe that CBD has a positive impact on the brain’s serotonin receptors which can improve an individual’s overall mood. An enhanced mood will help you maintain a more positive working environment and help to keep you in the zone.

  • It helps you sleep better.

When you're deprived of sleep, you're unlikely to score highly in the productivity stakes. A good night's sleep is essential for focus and concentration, and it's also important for our overall health and wellbeing. CBD has been shown to improve sleep-wake cycles by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and increasing the duration of deep sleep. This means that you'll wake up feeling rested and refreshed, ready to take on the day! 

  • CBD helps with pain management.

Living with any kind of pain or discomfort can impact your ability to maintain high levels of productivity and motivation, both physically and mentally. The sensation of pain can be distracting and make it more difficult to focus on the task at hand. Furthermore, many painkillers can cause drowsiness and clouding of consciousness.

Studies show that CBD can have analgesic effects on pain and reduce levels of inflammation within the body. Less pain, less inflammation and less discomfort can provide the right work environment for a gain in productivity.

Reasons to Choose CBD for Focus and Productivity

  • It does not get you high.

You needn’t worry about CBD getting you ‘high’ while you reap its wellness and productivity benefits. CBD is a different cannabinoid to THC; that’s the cannabis component that is psychoactive and causes a high feeling. CBD is non-psychoactive. So you’ll still feel in complete control as you optimise your health and boost productivity!

  • No jittery feeling.

We’re a nation of coffee and energy drink lovers, and many of us turn to caffeine for a productivity boost. For enhanced focus and improved output, there’s no denying that caffeine is effective. However, there is a flip side. Have too much and you’ll experience the dreaded ‘jitters’. In addition, caffeine can have a negative impact on our sleep. This sleep deprivation encourages us to consume even more caffeine… and so an unhealthy sleep-wake cycle continues. With CBD, there are no jitters. And rather than disrupt your sleeping pattern, it can bring about a significant improvement! 

  • There is a variety of products to suit a range of lifestyles.

From discreet CBD gummies and capsules to premium-strength CBD oils and vapes, there is an abundance of different product types out there to suit varied lifestyles. You don’t have to stick to one type of product either. For instance, you might use a sublingual CBD oil in the morning, and then enjoy a tasty CBD gummy to top up your intake during the afternoon. Just make sure you begin with a small dose and build up gradually if you are trying CBD for the first time.

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  • You’ll enjoy the additional wellbeing benefits.

You might be using CBD for concentration and focus, but the compound can provide an overall improved sense of wellbeing. Cannabidiol has the potential to boost your energy, reduce depression, lower anxiety, improve sleep and alleviate pain. In other words, you’ll be feeling tip-top.

  • CBD won’t show up on a drug test.

That’s right. If you’re concerned about using CBD at work or before a professional athletic event, you don’t need to worry that the compound will trigger a positive drug test result. Drug tests screen for THC but not CBD – so check the label and associated CBD lab report to ensure that your product contains 0% THC.

CBD Side Effects 

CBD is widely regarded as a safe and non-addictive supplement. Side effects are rare and very mild. If they occur, they can include drowsiness and nausea. It’s important to start using a small dose of CBD and slowly but surely, build up the strength to carefully observe how your body tolerates the cannabinoid. If you’re on medication, consult with your GP before starting to use CBD. 

Additional Tips to Improve Productivity 

In addition to adding CBD to your routine, why not try some of our tried and tested top tips to maximise your work output?

Set bite-sized goals.

Smaller goals feel more manageable and less intimidating than large tasks. Break a project down into mini, bite-sized chunks and tackle them one at a time.

Set regular, scheduled breaks.

Breaks help to reduce stress and enhance productivity, believe it or not. Try and stay away from screens and technology during your break.

Avoid multitasking.

Focusing on more than one task at a time rarely yields optimal results. Try to tackle each task individually. 

Tackle the hardest job first.

Procrastination is always tempting when there is a challenging or time-consuming job to do. Ticking off your most difficult task of the day first will help to boost motivation for the rest of the day. 

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a natural way to improve your focus and productivity, CBD could be the answer. Just remember to do your research and choose a reputable brand that uses premium-quality CBD oil. And if you're still struggling to boost your productivity levels, consider implementing some of our other tips, such as setting daily goals and scheduling regular breaks.


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