CBD is still widely misunderstood. A lack of awareness of the mental and physical benefits of CBD prevents people from understanding what it can do for anti-inflammation, pain relief, anxiety, and much more.


Our Mission: Create Change

We exist to help people lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. 

This is the change we want to create in the world. We’re helping achieve this by encouraging people to share their own experiences and stories, support one another, balance perceptions surrounding CBD, and help us craft an even broader range of exceptional products that fit in with busy modern lifestyles.

Why? Because we believe in CBD’s power and potential to transform lives for the better.

We’ve seen how people with dementia, epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain have benefited from CBD and medical cannabis. Through our Mission C Foundation, we want to fund and support communities who need CBD and medical cannabis the most .

We want to make a difference.

Our Products

Extracted ethically from the highest-grade, organic hemp plants in Arizona, USA, our CBD products are created in the UK and comply with strict quality standards such as the Food Standards Agency. We’re amongst the first companies globally to have created a 0% THC range that can be used by professional athletes and meets WADA international standards. 

Our testing data is shared openly and embodies our stance on radical transparency. 

We believe that by creating the highest quality products possible, by committing to the principles of openness and honesty about CBD, and by pushing for new standards in sustainability, people everywhere will be able to make better informed choices that influence their happiness and wellbeing.

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Our 6 Cs

Mission C was born from a belief that with some simple changes life could be better for millions of people across the world. We've defined 6 C's that shape our company, steer every decision we make and unite us all as we fulfil our mission.

1. Change

women looking in mirror
premium cbd product

2. Create

3. Conversation

women chatting after a workout
lady using cbd serum

4. Collate

5. Community

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cbd oil bottles

6. Choice