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Sports Bundle

Post-Workout + CBD Bundle

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Product Description 
Our Post-Workout CBD bundle has been designed to help you reduce inflammation, improve sleep and accelerate recovery Post-Workout, both physically and mentally. 

Bundle Includes: 
Post-Workout CBD Oil
Post-Workout CBD Cooling Balm

+ Naturally Energising


lab testedgluten freethc free

All of our CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC.

This product is not available for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

Heating Relief
Pain Relief

What Does the Post-Workout + CBD Bundle Include?

With our Post-Workout + CBD Bundle, you can look forward to opening Post-Workout + CBD Oil and Post-Workout + CBD Cooling Balm.

What is Post-Workout + CBD Oil Used For?

We recommend Post-Workout + CBD Oil to recuperate the mind and body after an intense workout. Relaxation and sleep are critical after exercise for efficient muscle repair. Our smooth oil is infused with broad-spectrum CBD, Black Pepper, Limonene and Turmeric which together promote a healthier, deeper sleep for optimal recovery both mentally and physically, while lowering inflammation and post-workout stiffness. 

What is Post-Workout + CBD Cooling Balm Recommended For?

We recommend use of our Post-Workout + CBD Cooling Muscle Balm following a workout or at any time a soothing muscle treatment is required. The instantly cooling balm reduces blood flow and inflammation, relaxes fatigued muscles, lowers pain and acts as an analgesic. Cooling muscle balm helps tired muscles recover quickly. 

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