pro sport starter bundle
Pro Sports + <br> CBD Starter Pack
Pro Sports + <br> CBD Starter Pack
Pro Sports + <br> CBD Starter Pack
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Sports Starter Pack

Pro Sports +
CBD Starter Pack

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Save 35% in this Bundle Exclusive!

Product Description:
Experience our limited edition Pro Sports CBD Starter pack, designed especially for pro athletes and guarantees 0% THC. Our Pro CBD Oils are accompanied by our pre-workout heating balm and post-workout cooling balm, all helping you reach optimal performance and recovery.

Starter Pack Includes:
+ Pro Pre-Workout CBD Oil (10%) 
+ Pro Post- Workout CBD Oil (10%) 
+ Pre-Workout Heat Balm 
+ Post Workout Cooling Balm 
+ Protein Lite Shaker Bottle


All of our CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC.

This product is not available for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

Pain Relief

What Will I Receive in My Pro Sports + CBD Starter Pack?

The Pro Sports + CBD Starter Pack consists of Pre-Workout + Pro CBD Oil (10%), Post-Workout + Pro CBD Oil (10%), Pre-Workout Heating Muscle Balm, Post-Workout Cooling Muscle Balm and Mission C Protein Lite Shaker Bottle.

What is Pre-Workout + Pro CBD Oil Recommended For?

Pre-Workout + Pro CBD Oil is an energising CBD oil with 0% THC, designed for professional athletes to boost energy and focus before and during an intense workout.

What is Post-Workout + Pro CBD Oil Good For?

Post-Workout + Pro CBD Oil is designed to help professional athletes recuperate after a fitness session. CBD, black pepper, limonene and turmeric assist in reducing inflammation and pain, improving sleep and boosting muscle recovery.

What is Pre-Workout + CBD Heating Muscle Balm Used For?

We recommend using Pre-Workout + CBD Heating Muscle Balm before your fitness session to energise your muscles and help maximise performance. The deep, penetrating heat increases blood flow to the skin, warming the muscle and reducing inflammation, ready for an energetic workout with a reduced risk of injury.

What is Post-Workout + CBD Cooling Muscle Balm Recommended For?

Use Post-Workout + CBD Cooling Muscle Balm after your fitness session or whenever your muscles are in need of a soothing treatment. This cooling balm works quickly to reduce blood flow and inflammation, relaxing tight muscles, lowering pain and acting as an analgesic to numb the skin and ease stiffness.

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