How are Hemp Plants Grown?

How are Hemp Plants Grown?

There's been a lot of buzz about hemp plants and hemp cultivation in the UK — but what exactly are hemp plants, and how are they grown? Although hemp is technically cannabis — it's a subspecies that does not contain the psychoactive and intoxicating cannabinoid THC. Instead, hemp plants have an abundance of CBD that's known to support a wide variety of mental and physical issues. Join us as we discover where and how hemp plants are grown, so you understand where your CBD products come from.

Who are the Leading Hemp Manufacturers Worldwide?

If you're wondering where the majority of hemp is produced, you've come to the right section. Here's the current leader board of global hemp producers and their associated rank:

  1. China
  2. Canada
  3. USA
  4. France
  5. Chile

China outpaces every country in hemp production primarily because it never outlawed hemp cultivation. The United States, along with the majority of other nations, banned hemp cultivation during the decades-long War on Drugs. However, many countries are legalising the growth of hemp plants due to their sustainable and economic incentives.

What Does Hemp Need to Grow?

Hemp plants are incredibly resilient plants. Unlike other crops commonly grown for food, textiles, and other materials, hemp does not require a significant amount of nutrients or water. In other words, hemp plants are drought-resistant and can grow in harsh climates with poor soil conditions.

However, hemp grows best when given a mild climate, such as that found in Mediterranean zones. Furthermore, adequate sunlight and rainfall assist in the rapid growth of hemp plants. Unlike THC-rich cannabis plants, hemp is not picky about nutrient levels, making it a versatile crop for home gardeners and commercial producers. If it's legal to grow hemp in your region, store-bought soil is all you'll need to grow hemp plants in your backyard!

Is Growing Hemp Legal in the US and UK?

Yes. However, there are stipulations when it comes to growing hemp legally in the UK and US First, hemp growers must obtain a license in both the USA and UK. Furthermore, some regulations surround the CBD-packed flowers of hemp plants. Unlike the rest of the plant, such as the stalks and leaves, the flowers contain cannabinoids, including a trace amount of THC (which is illegal).

For instance, you may grow hemp plants in the UK as long as you have a license from the Home Office. However, you cannot use the flowers because they contain cannabinoids, including THC. In the USA, hemp farmers must obtain a license to grow hemp. However, hemp growers may apply for another permit to extract and distribute CBD from the hemp flowers. Therefore, it's legal to grow hemp in both the USA and UK — but only if the government licenses you and you don't overstep any of their specific boundaries.

Environmental Effects of Growing Cannabis?

There are a wide array of environmental effects that come with the widespread growth of hemp plants. However, hemp appears to be the most sustainable crop in the bunch compared with traditional cropping systems. 

First, hemp is known as a carbon sink. A carbon sink is another way to say that hemp sequesters CO2 instead of releasing it into the air. As you may know, CO2 accumulation destroys the ozone and poses a serious risk to the world. Therefore, growing hemp and using hemp-derived products are actually beneficial for the environment.

Next, hemp does not require extensive care while growing. By not requiring massive amounts of water or nutrients — hemp decreases the stress of water and nutrient resources. By reducing the flow of nutrients, there is less likely to be harmful nutrient runoff swept into the sea.

Lastly, hemp produces a massive amount of products, from home building materials to cosmetics. Ultimately, the entire hemp plant is used to produce something. Unlike many other traditional crops, hemp plants can be transformed into building materials, cosmetics, therapeutic compounds, and so much more.

Hemp is by far one of the most sustainable crops due to this wide variety of usage. From its low requirements to environmentally friendly effects, hemp is by far one of the most important crops that's quickly becoming a tour de force in agriculture and beyond.

Ethically sourced CBD

Now that you understand where and how hemp plants are grown, it’s time to find the best CBD products.  If you’ve been searching for the best UK CBD products sourced from sustainable hemp plants, Mission C utilises hemp plants grown in Arizona, Colorado, and Kentucky for the best possible hemp quality. If you would like to learn more about our processes and where our CBD is sourced from, please visit the sustainability page on the website. 

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